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What is the Shefer approach?

The Shefer approach is a renewed classic philosophy based upon Alfred Adler’s psychological principles. The approach strives to solve  issues that modern parents often struggle with, among them: loss of parental authority, confusion regarding numerous educational choices, feelings of parental guilt, and children’s lack of identification with the family’s core values.

Parents who use the Shefer approach learn to identify faulty dynamics that exist between them and some of their children. Once identified, they then learn how to alter those dynamics in order to create a spirit of cooperation. All of this is done with the underlying principle that parents are not to blame, and that children are not being defiant; rather, unwanted dynamics simply developed because of unconscious mistakes that then become ingrained in the parent-child relationship

Parents who participate in Shefer Parenting Workshops discover that raising children can be an enjoyable and fulfilling challenge. Once faulty behavior patterns are modified, family dynamics evolve as well. These changes pave the way for the family to restore its natural hierarchy, so that the parents lead the way for their children, and not the other way around. This approach works for people of all backgrounds, because there is no definitive “right” or “wrong” way to raise children, there is no judgment, and no list of “do and don’t”. The underlying principle of the Shefer approach is that it is a parent’s right, and even obligation, to raise his/her children in the way s/he deems appropriate, in congruence with his/her worldview. Then, children naturally cooperate and follow on the path their parents lead.

Parents who participate in Shefer Parenting Workshops, are calm, self confident parents who can now find free time for the myriad of challenges that life presents them. As their children’s talents and skills develop, they are able to realize the potential they possess as they become mature, independent adults who contribute to society and mankind.